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Our first show of the season is…

Butterfly Kiss by Phyllis Nagy; Directed by Sabrina D’Andrea

Auditions are on Monday, January 14th from 4:00-8:00 in Theatre 220. An audition sign-up sheet will be posted on the bulletin board outside of Theatre 220. Callbacks will be held Tuesday evening on January 15th.

Multiple sides will be provided to choose from so no preparation is required. However, memorized monologues are welcome!


Lily Ross: 35-year-old woman in jail who is revisiting her life in flashbacks from before her crime

Sally Ramona: Lily’s grandmother who is taking care of her sickly daughter, Jenny’s mother

Jenny Ramona: Lily’s mother

Jackson Trouver: Lily’s attorney

Martha McKenzie: Lily’s lover, she truly cares about Lily and her mental state

Teddy Roosevelt Hayes: Sloan’s friend

Sloan Ross: Lily’s father, a lepidopterist (butterfly scientist) and professor

Christine: The Countess Van Dyne, high end Countess.


Butterfly Kiss unfolds the story of Lily Ross’s life – and her crime – through oblique, shifting and mesmeric scenes, her interlaced memories revealing the psychosexual tangle of her childhood and the events that led up to her trial. From her jail cell, Lily summons up her past: a vivid collage of cross-fades and flashbacks, which reveals aspects of her experience cumulatively, not chronologically. At the age of fourteen, her father, a lepidopterist, sets her up as a girlfriend for his ex-Marine buddy. A relationship blossoms with Martha, a woman she meets in a bar. Her grandmother forces her to watch her father and mother together. She runs after her father on his way to visit her mother, who is in hospital with hypochondria. Lily’s relationships are spikily chronicled in hard-edged scenes, all Leading in an impossible multiplicity of ways to the terrible truth of what she has done to her mother.

contact Cat Champion, the stage manager, at champlinci@g.cofc.edu or Sabrina D’Andrea, the director, at dandreas@g.cofc.edu with any questions!

We are excited to announce the theme for our 2019 season is….