How to Propose

Click on the link below to fill out an online proposal form

Who Proposes?

Any student at the College of Charleston can propose a show to Center Stage.

When are Proposals?

The board begins the proposal process at the end of each semester (November for the fall, and April for the spring). An email will be sent out around the time for submission.

The Process

  • Select or write a play

  • Request the packet

  • Build a team

  • Check everything off the list in the packet

  • Submit the proposal packet to

  • Interview with the board

  • Wait patiently...

We cannot accept every proposal. Only 2* shows will be selected per semester. To those who do not get chosen to direct: do not be discouraged! You can always propose next semester. Our new seasons are announced at the end of the fall semester and during Divas Proper (at the end of the spring semester). If you are not selected to direct a production, then ask about directing a staged-reading of the play. Center Stage would love to host a staged-reading for student playwrights.

This Season

We will be announcing our Fall 2019 Season on April 23rd, 2019.