Congratulations to the 2017 Award Winners!

~Divas Proper~

Thank you all to those who came to celebrate with Dance Alliance, Center Stage, and the Department! We appreciate the attendance and the abundance of FOOD! The Center Stage board is extremely proud of this year's Divas Proper. Congratulations to all the students that received awards and scholarships! You make the Department and Center Stage proud!

- Josiah Albright, Publicity Chair


an evening of laughs and tears

Mainstage Awards

  • Best Lead Actors: Jonathan Harper & Abriana Quiñones
  • Best Supporting Actors: Nick Brown & Carolina Connell
  • Breakthrough Performance: Harrison Carr
  • Best Ensemble: RENT
  • Best Scenic Design: Carrie Ferrelli
  • Best Costume Design: Katie Bailey
  • Best Lighting Designer: Lauren Duffie
  • Best Sound Design: DJ Edwards
  • Best Technical Director: Price Long
  • Best Stage Manager: Kayla Robins
  • Best Director: Todd McNerney
  • Best Production: RENT

Center Stage Awards

  • Best Lead Actors: Stavro Najjar & Jenny Bettke
  • Best Supporting Actors: Nick Brown & K'yundra Martin
  • Breakthrough Performance: Porter Conroy
  • Best Ensemble: The Rocky Horror Picture Show
  • Best Scenic Design: Kirstin McWaters
  • Best Costume Design: Gibson Carter
  • Best Lighting Design: Carrie Ferrelli
  • Best Sound Designer: Ceili Hesselgrave
  • Best Technical Director: Carrie Ferrelli
  • Best Stage Manager: Porter Conroy
  • Best Director: Jennifer Asouzu
  • Best Production: Clybourne Park

Trooper Award: Abriana Quiñones

Lifetime Achievement Award: Nick Brown

Faculty Awards

  • Arthur McDonald Award: Brianna Rodriguez
  • Center Stage Award: Julia Marks
  • Faculty Award: Jennifer Asouzu, Lydia Brown, Price Long, Katie Bailey, Gracie Lawson, & Bailey McFaden
  • Future Teacher Award: Nick Brown
  • Franklin B. Ashley Playwriting Award: Brent Dorwat
  • Hannah Strickland Award for Excellence in Design: Carrie Ferrelli
  • Maria Alicia Elfe Award: Price Long
  • The Seltzer Prize in Theatre: Nick Brown
  • The Stella Award: Jordan Benton
  • Eliza Ingle Dance Honor: Maddie Goodman
  • Valerie Morris Award for Excellence in Acting: Joel Watson
  • Dean’s Excellence Award: Caroline Connell & Lacey Heffernan
  • SOTA Scholars: Caitlin Barth, Nick Brown, Julia Marks, Rebekah Rast, Nicole Tarcza, Delaney Hogan, Anna Bengston, & Lydia Brown
  • Outstanding Students: Price Long, Katie Bailey, Krista Grevas, Julia Marks, & Lydia Brown
  • Lyndrup Theatre Scholarship: Ceili Hesselgrave
  • Mary Jollensten Scholarship: Kirstin McWaters
  • Emmett Robinson Scholarship: Carrie Ferrelli